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Online Digital Photography Course
  • 13 instruction videos
  • MOBILE field guide
  • PRINTABLE field guide
  • 24/7 access
  • 100% Guarantee
Marion Jesse
“I would give his class five stars out of five and would definitely recommend his class to anyone getting into photography.”

 Amanda Brockhoff
“I took the beginner photo class and it was great to see all the various dial functions talked about and explained. Thank you for starting me on my journey to better photos!”

Jonathan Gonyou
“Not only did the course give me the technical and practical handles I needed to utilize all the aspects of my DSLR camera but what separated it from other courses was sharing the artistic tips and hacks that makes for truly special photos.  I also apply many of the same principles to my videos.”

Tara Miller
“Ryan made learning my camera settings easy and fun! I definitely recommend this class.”

“Great course, very educational on the basic uses of the camera and how it works and to get the best use out of the camera.. Highly recommend the course to beginners for sure”

“Great tutorial!”

The Beginner Photography Starter Pack

This online digital photography course is designed from the ground up to give you the power to capture, edit and share stunning photographs. Take control of your camera and unlock its incredible potential quickly and easily with instruction by Ryan Kelly, a professional portrait and architectural photographer. With 13 comprehensive videos plus the included Field Guide, confusion will turn to confidence and you’ll be creating beautiful photos sooner than you ever imagined.



  • 13 Instruction Videos
  • Printable Field Guide
  • 24/7 Access
  • 100% Guarantee


“I give this class five out of five and would definitely recommend it to anyone getting into photography.” – Marion Jesse

Learn it all

From essential camera functions and settings, to choosing the right gear and prepping your photos for printing and sharing. This class was purpose-built to take the guesswork out of creating stunning photos.

Take it with you

Watch on any device, anytime. Also, unique to this class is a beautifully designed Field Guide, with one version of the Guide specifically for your phone/tablet and another version that’s perfect for printing out and stashing in your bag or pocket.

Your Camera

Ryan walks through the three most common types of cameras, covering the differences in how they function and what that means for you as a photographer

Lenses and Focal Length

A change of lens can drastically change the entire photograph. From ultra-wide to telephoto and everything in between, learn what focal length to choose no matter what you’re photographing at the time.

Intro to Light

Understanding light is key to taking great photographs. Ryan covers exactly how the quality, quantity and direction of light can affect your next photo.

Essential Extras

This section covers crucial topics like sensor size, choosing the correct white balance and tips for easy and accurate focusing.


The Exposure Triangle

Here we begin to delve into the three functions that will enable you to get the perfect exposure — anytime, anywhere.

Post-Processing Like a Pro

From your memory card, to your computer, to a beautiful print hanging on your wall. Organize, edit and export your photos like a professional.

What I learned in just the first two chapters was easily worth the price of the course.

Judy Lynn

The class and field guide took the mystery out of the mechanics of photography.
Stephen Berg

Incredible value. I learned so much!

Janna Owens

it was great to see all the various dial functions talked about and explained. Thank you for starting me on my journey to better photos!
Amanda Brockhoff

Ryan made learning my camera settings easy and fun! I definitely recommend this class.
Tara Miller

This class helped me take complete control of my camera and get consistently great photos!
James Neufeld


Included in this online digital photography course is a full section dedicated to Post-Processing. Beyond taking the picture itself, post-processing is by far the most important part of the photographic process. Learn how to find your photos quickly, make them look their best, and export them exactly how you need them for printing and online use.


What makes a photograph great? It all comes down to one thing: the story. Cameras capture images but only you can capture the story. A simple shift in perspective can make all the difference!

Your Camera
There are plenty of cameras to choose from out there, but what are the main differences and which should you invest in? Ryan covers the bases and shares what he looks for in a camera.

Intro To Light
Without light, there is no photography! Learning the characteristics of light is the first step to taking striking photographs.

The Exposure Triangle
Learn the three camera functions that eclipse all others. Once you grasp the exposure triangle, you’ll never use “auto-mode” again!

Ryan demystifies one of the most misunderstood, yet crucial functions of your camera. Understanding aperture is the springboard to photographic creativity and making informed lens purchases down the road.

Never take a blurry photo again (unless you want to, of course)! Stop the fastest action or use it to show movement. The shutter is an incredibly powerful photographic tool at your disposal.

After setting the aperture and shutter, this function allows you to dial in the exact exposure you’re looking for. Ryan covers the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of setting the ISO for maximum image quality.

Depth Of Field
Have you ever wondered how pro photographers achieve crisp focus on their subject, while beautifully blurring out the background? Wonder no longer.

Example Situations
It’s time to put what we’ve learned so far to good use with a series of real-world situations. Ryan steps you through his photographic thought process while out in the field.

Lenses and Focal Length 
Ryan uses clear photo examples to compare lenses of different focal lengths and demonstrates how a change of lens can change the story in a big way.

Sensor Size
The size of the image sensor changes from camera to camera. Find out what this means for your photography going forward.

White Balance
Choosing the correct white balance results in great skin tones and realistic colors, so getting it right is important!

Essential Focusing Tips
Not being able to achieve sharp focus where you want it can be a frustrating experience. Here, you’ll learn how to accurately lock focus on your subject, whether they’re moving or not.

The Gear
Make educated buying decisions based on the specific needs of your photography. Ryan also shares his top two gear recommendations that are guaranteed to help anyone take their photography to the next level.

Post-Processing Like A Pro
Importing, backing up, editing, brushing in adjustments, cropping, retouching and exporting your photos is all covered here as you sit along side Ryan during this specially filmed screencast. The difference between shooting RAW and JPEG files is also thoroughly covered.

Wrapping up
Ryan wraps up the class with an important reminder and an inspirational thought for continuing on in your photographic journey.

Your Instructor

Your Instructor

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly is an internationally published portrait and architectural photographer. Along with being the principle photographer and owner of two photography studios, Ryan teaches hundreds of students around the world, in person and online. Combining compelling on-screen visuals with his easy to understand, approachable teaching style, Ryan’s classes have become sought after by amateur and professional photographers alike.


  • 13 Class Videos
  • Real life examples
  • Watch anytime on any type of device
  • Printable Field Guide
  • Mobile Field Guide
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Updates



  • 13 Class Videos
  • Real life examples
  • Watch anytime on any type of device
  • Printable Field Guide
  • Mobile Field Guide
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Updates


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