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By Ryan Kelly


May 29, 2017

As a mountain biker and videographer/photographer, I’ve found that one of the hardest things to capture on a POV camera (like a GoPro) is a true sense of speed and motion that I was feeling as a rider at the time. I think most of us have bolted on an action camera, ripped down the hill at full speed thinking “this is going to look awesome on video”, only to see that the shaky, nearly unwatchable footage didn’t even come close to matching what it was like in real life. Well I’ve got a couple of tips and gear recommendations that’ll help bring things up to speed.

The Gear I Use:

First, I’ll list out the gear I use to capture video for my mountain bike specific Youtube channel, The Loam Ranger. Every photo is clickable and will take you to the exact piece of gear on Amazon so you can see what it costs (hint: not as much as you might think).



Here’s what 3-axis, stabilized GoPro footage looks like while riding a pretty rough, fast trail. Smooth as butter.


So that’s just a quick taste of my riding setup, but I’m currently putting together a full video covering all the big and little details of creating the perfect action cam video rig. Stay tuned to this blog and The Loam Ranger Youtube channel.

See you on the trails,

Ryan (The Loam Ranger)

Ryan Kelly is a professional photographer and educator. You can find out more about his flagship class The Beginner Photography Starter Pack by clicking here. 

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